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                                                         Terms and Conditions

1. Service call fee: The service call fee is the price to examine and diagnose problem(s) with one appliance based on the symptoms the appliance is having, and provide a written estimate with parts (if needed) and labor to repair / service the issue(s).




2. Appointment(s): Our appointments have a 2 hour window. All appointments are set based on the earliest availability. Part installation appointments are not scheduled until the parts have arrived.

3. Diagnosis: Based on the problem(s) the customer describes and upon examination, a Top Sacramento Appliance Repair licensed technician will determine what repair he finds necessary to resolve the problem(s). Full access to the unit must be provided by the customer. In case access to the unit is not provided by the customer, additional fees may apply for the labor performed to access the unit. Due to the complexity of some appliances there can be additional underlying problems that cannot be determined until an “initial repair” is made. In the event an appliance has an underlying problem(s) an additional free diagnosis along with an additional revised estimate will be provided. If the technician arrives and no problem is present, it will be considered as a diagnosis of “No problem found” or “Working as designed”. The customer is responsible for the service call fee. If the problem is caused, or possibly caused by a source other than the appliance itself, the technician may recommend an examination by an outside trade contractor to confirm or rule out the possible cause or problem. The customer is fully responsible for any expenses, cost and payment for any examinations or services performed by outside trade contractors.

4. Recommendation(s): Any recommendation(s) made by our company are not mandatory, and any actions taken by the customer are at the sole discretion and financial responsibility of the customer.

5. Estimate:* Any estimate provided is based on Top Sacramento Appliance Repair prices to repair/service the appliance. An estimate is valid for 5 days. The customer is responsible for reviewing the entire estimate with the technician before signing. The customer signature indicates approval and complete agreement with having the repair performed at the price quoted.

In cases where additional research is required we will provide a completed estimate within 48 hours of the initial date of visit.

In the event additional parts are needed or part pricing has changed, a revised estimate will be provided for approval.

Down payment/Pre-pay: A portion of the approved estimate may be collected at the time of the service call.

6. Repair Cost: The price of repair/service is the best price for Top Sacramento Appliance Repair to perform the repair. This is determined and based on company operating expenses, technical skill/knowledge, technical training and certifications. In accordance with “The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide (M.A.S.P.G)” the repair cost is based on the job, not on the time the repair takes to perform. The customer agrees to pay a fee of $25.00 for each returned check.

7. Parts: Technicians carry the most commonly required parts to perform a repair. There are times when parts will need to be ordered and additional shipping and handling charges may be applied. Orders for parts are placed within 24-72 hours upon estimate approval. Depending upon part availability, most parts arrive between 1-5 business days. Upon receiving the part, the customer will be contacted to schedule the part installation. We reserve the right to keep old parts and components that have been replaced by Top Sacramento Appliance Repair service technicians.

 Back-ordered parts: In case the part is backordered, Top Sacramento Appliance Repair will keep the customer informed.

 Discontinued/No Longer Available parts: When a part is discontinued or No Longer Available through manufacturer, Top Sacramento Appliance Repair will not perform any repair.

8. Maintenance: Problems with appliances may be caused solely by lack of routine maintenance. Sometimes just maintenance may resolve the problem. Maintenance may be needed/ required before repair or during a repair. Maintenance is not a repair or part of repair labor. Maintenance is non-refundable.

9. Canceling Service/repair: Any cancellation is subject to a 25% restocking fee. Refunds can take up to 4 weeks to process. No refunds on special order parts.

10. Warranty: Top Sacramento Appliance Repair provides Lifetime Warranty on all installed parts. Warranty is valid on installed parts that have been purchased through the company until the specific parts become obsolete or discontinued.

Parts that bear warranty will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Top Sacramento Appliance Repair.

 Lifetime warranty is not transferable.

 Lifetime warranty is only valid if the repair is performed by Top Sacramento Appliance Repair service technicians.

 Lifetime warranty is void if proper routine maintenance is not done according to manufacturer’s maintenance guide.

Top Sacramento Appliance Repair reserves the right to void the warranty due to not being provided with up to date maintenance records.

Grease build-up voids the warranty.

Improper usage of the appliance automatically voids the warranty.

Warranty is void on relocated appliances.

No warranty on damage caused by external problems or interference by anyone else (other than Top Sacramento Appliance Repair technicians) sensing or tampering with the repair.

Lifetime warranty is not applicable to the following parts: discontinued or obsolete parts, refrigerants, filters, access valves, fuses, wires.

Top Sacramento Appliance Repair is not responsible for any damage caused by appliance malfunction.

Top Sacramento Appliance Repair  is not responsible for loss of food or other perishables.

Top Sacramento Appliance Repair is not responsible for any floor, cabinet, counter damage or water leakage when repairing and/or removing your appliance by Top Sacramento Appliance Repair technician(s)

Top Sacramento Appliance Repair reserves the right to limit or refuse to provide Lifetime Warranty at its sole discretion. Any Lifetime Warranty limitations and / or refusals will be communicated to the customer prior to the completion of the repair.

11. Fee Disclosure: All Visa Debit Card payments will be assessed a flat fee of $3.95 per transaction. All other Credit or Debit Card payments will be assessed a fee equal to 3.75% of the payment amount with a minimum fee of $3.95. This fee will be assessed to the same Credit/Debit card provided by the customer.

12. Completed repair: The customer’s signature on the completed repair invoice indicates that the appliance has been reviewed and tested by the customer and the service has been completed to their satisfaction. No refunds on completed repairs.